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Call for Solutions

Do you have a technology solution to improve a key aspect of the lodging industry:

  • Labor

  • Supply Chain / Inventory Management

  • Communication

  • Property Management

  • Guest Experience / Delivery

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Call for Solutions

The OHLA Call for Solutions aims to discover, vet, and implement a set of novel, technology-based (hardware and software) products and services to help solve some of the most pressing operational challenges in our industry.

We are seeking submissions from research institutions, nascent tech firms, and leading commercial providers to submit their new and existing offerings for consideration in our Reverse Pitch Program. Submissions are closed for 2022 but we are currently accepting submissions for 2023. Submissions will be reviewed in Fall of 2023.

The top finalists will be selected to present in the awards ceremony at OHLA's Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio in November.

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About the Market Opportunity

$25 Billion

In Business Sales Output

$8 Billion

In wages & Salaries




Guest Rooms

34 Million

Overnight Visits

Our state's lodging industry also has broad national impact on jobs, wages, production, and taxes.

Key Focus Areas


  • Lack of Labor - There is not enough labor to fill the currently open positions required to successfully operate lodging properties.  Novel solutions to directly connect in an innovative/easy way to those willing to work available opportunities across the state’s lodging industry is a priority.

  • Turnover - There is a high degree of turnover at the property level, impacting the ability to properly attract and train associates for a positive guest experience.  Innovating onboarding, training, compliance, and benefit solutions for associates would serve to help mitigate this poignant issue.

  • Housekeeping/Laundry Positions - Housekeeping and Laundry positions are the hardest to fill positions in the lodging industry. Solutions for room cleaning and operationalizing laundry duties to both improve operational efficiencies while mitigating injury for repetitive tasks would aid this issue.

Focus Areas

Based on our recent Statewide Member Needs Survey, We are Seeking 

Technology-based Solutions in these 5 Key Areas



  • Supply Chain Issues - How can a lodging property identify a supplier that has available inventory specifically related to a brand standard?  Availability of supply inventory is low at hotels, ordering is not easy, and vendors are not connected.  How can we connect the vendors with the lodging property (ies) intuitively, to solve these inventory shortage issues?

  • Tracking Supplies - When supplies are ordered, where are they?  Are there technology solutions to track the supply chain, identify where products are, and provide expectation of delivery?


  • Inter-department communication - Communications between front desk, service, and management teams are lacking. Informing the desk staff when a room is cleaned and available to be sold, in addition to identifying room problems preventing a room from being sold that is automated with the system being used.  Additionally, communication regarding emergency needs.

  • Poor Internet -  For many remote locations throughout the state, availability of proper internet prevents proper communication with guests for pre-arrival communication, mobile check in/check out, including guest feedback survey post departure and mobile invoice/ folio ie. payment solutions for autonomous departure. 



  • PMS platforms are utilized by front desk staff to manage inventory, room rates, check in processes, etc.  Is there an automated solution to manage rate and inventory for the lodging property, aiding revenue?


  • Guests often request amenities to be delivered to guest rooms (ie forgotten toiletries, food). How can this labor intensive process be automated while improving the guest experience?


Submit Your Solution

All submissions are due by 5pm on October 1, 2022.

Thanks for submitting your proposed solution. We will follow up with any questions.

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